Ever had one of those wonderful dinners from Chef Stouffers or Chef Lean Cuisine?  Would you say that you were enjoying life after you ate it?

I say that there can be immense joy found in cooking food yourself.  It tastes better, it saves money, and best of all, you can customize your meal however you want!

Jamie Oliver has taken on a campaign to get people cooking again, to show them that cooking is “fun, cool, can save you money and help you, your family and friends to live a healthier life.”  He calls it the Ministry of Food, and I’m a believer.

To “Pass It On” like Jamie recommends, I’ll share how I found some yellow, red, and green peppers to add to an omelet, Jamie-style.  I didn’t think I would like an omelet without meat, but this turned out pretty good.

First, I turned on my stove top to about 5 or 6, chopped up my peppers, added a little olive oil to a pan, and threw the chopped peppers in.












I scrambled my eggs while the peppers simmered in the pan.  Once scrambled, I added the eggs to the peppers.  There’s a neat thing that Jamie does with his fork to make sure all the egg mixture gets cooked.  You’ll have to watch the video, because he makes it really  simple.












After much practice, I have learned to be patient and wait for the eggs to be really cooked before I add the cheese.












Unfortunately, I got so excited about eating my breakfast that I didn’t take any more pictures!  Watch the video to see how to flip the omelet in half  (it’s really easy with a little practice).  After flipping, I let it cook for about 30-seconds on each side, and just slide it onto my plate.

Keep in mind that I made this… the other day and I still remember it.  I remember my omelet more than what day of the week it was!

So, if you know someone who says breakfast isn’t exactly an experience that makes them enjoy life, invite them over to my place and I’ll make ’em an omelet.

Always Enjoy Life,

Zach Ellerbrook