And never take yourself too seriously.

I’m amazed by how serious some people take life, and how grumpy they can be.  I have never, never understood how some people’s general character is that of the ultimate seriousness.  Are they preparing for something?  Do they know something I don’t?  Most importantly, are they happy and content with the life God has given them at any moment?

Maybe I’ve found the secret to life after only 11 blog posts.  Jo Jo Tabares’ Twitter profile (@JoJoTabares) describes herself as a “goofball by nature.”  What a wonderful way to live!  I immediately became one of her followers.  I mentioned how I appreciated her Twitter profile and she explained to me that her daughter has taught her to “embrace her inner wierdness.”  Wow.  Then again, my kids teach me to embrace my inner goofball and they’re only 4 and 1.

As you can tell, wierd may be too strong of a word for some, so I encourage you to embrace your inner goofball.  It may be tough at first.  In fact, it could be a little wierd.  I’m telling you, increasing your ability to be silly can increase your enjoyment of life by a factor of 10 (I have no scientific proof to support this fact, but it sounds like a good number to me).

Do one thing that is goofy today… on purpose.   You’ll be that much closer to claiming with confidence that you enjoy life all the time.  Just like I do.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

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