I know it’s taboo to apologize for not posting in a while, but it’s been a long freaking time since I’ve posted so I’ve decided that an explanation is in order.

Not only will an explanation make me feel better, the entire premise of any blog should be to serve others (unless it’s a journal), and I believe that my struggles can help other bloggers out there.  I love getting advice from ProBlogger and How to Make My Blog, but sometimes learning from less experienced bloggers can have better advice for me, because I’m in the same place they are.

The biggest reason why I haven’t posted in a very long time – I have no clue as to what direction I want my blog to ultimately go.  Here’s why:

1.  I’m Freaking Busy:  Lame, I know, but I’m not just busy.  I’m really freaking busy.  I have a very active life off the computer.  I am proud to be a husband and father, churchgoer, U. S. Navy Band member, graduate student, and part of other personal activities.  It’s not that these roles in my life take up so much time, it’s just that they take so much of my body, mind, heart, and soul that it’s hard to narrow my focus enough to write a helpful blog post.  This post is about a lack of direction, not time.  I am grateful for the thousands of little things that make my life worth living every day, but sometimes they go by so fast that they’re not in my mind when I’m ready to write.  I desperately need to start a journal.

2.  I’m In the Middle of Major Life Changes:  An obvious response is, “Who isn’t?”  I think my life is a little more unsettled than most, at least in the area of topics I can write about that not too many others are.  Seriously, I learn more and more about fatherhood every day, but a search of “Dad Blogs” turned up 22,300,000 hits.  Not exactly a niche I can just jump into and expect readers.  Teaching is a thought, but I’m an education student, not an experienced teacher – yet.  I have recently become a fan of Zen Habits and Simple. Organized. Life., and have been a Catholic for just over a year.  Since I am already into simplicity, I have been looking into some sort of simple, “zen” practice of my religion, but much has already been written on the subject… in the 1960’s.  Of course, I could continue with my current theme, or create blog accounts for all of the major parts of my life, but that puts us back at number 1.

3.  Seeing Lots of Successful Blogs Can Be Frustrating:  An obivious reason why many do not start writing in the first place.  If I want to be motivated to write, comparing myself to Seth Godin isn’t the smartest thing to do.  I have to remind myself that I am writing to practice writing, and success doesn’t happen overnight for anyone.  It sounds obvious and cliche, but sometimes it’s the obvious and cliche that teaches us the most – That’s why it’s obvious and cliche.

4.  I Like Twitter a Lot:  I’m not saying that I would rather stare at my Tweet Deck all day instead of write.  I was raised to speak my mind in the simplest way possible.  So this reason isn’t really about Twitter, it’s about writing less…. Okay, so one look at this post may make you think that writing less isn’t a problem.  What happens is I either write too little, or write too much.

5.  FEAR:  This should really be number one, but I felt it would have more impact at number five.  Fear is the reason why most people do not do most things.  It’s hard to speak my mind in conversation, because someone is bound to disagree with me, and offer an argument that I can’t argue with, even though they did not convince me that I was wrong.  I’m not the best in those situations (yet).  Now imagine that fear when I speak my mind and post it for potentially billions of readers.  The silly thing about fear is that my record day of readers was forty-eight.  Not forty-eight thousand, forty-eight.  Hopefully my writing will be better when I reach forty-eight grand.

Yes, this blog post is a call for help, but it’s also a call to help.  If you’re a frustrated blogger, please know that there are millions out there that have more than these five reasons why it’s tough to really focus on a blog theme.  I plan on getting through it, and being able to help others through my words.  I actually like these challenges I’m going through.  They make life interesting and fun, and especially more enjoyable.  If having a direction to my blog is one of the struggles in my life, I’m in pretty good shape.

Always Enjoy Life
Zach Ellerbrook