This a pre-relaunch post of Always Enjoy Life. More to come soon, perhaps an explanation on the relaunch, perhaps not. We’ll see.

I have been reading an extensive amount of blogs lately.

The honest reason is that I’ve been procrastinating on “getting serious” with my writing, and I have used reading other blogs as an excuse.  It can be intimidating to read many well-written blogs, with hundreds of archived messages, thousands of followers, and look at my own piddily-looking blog with almost a year between posts – the last one about how I’m not even blogging.

Not exactly the best example of demanding enjoyment out of life.

I have recently taken a different tack on my preparations on writing “for real”. It started with Everett Bogue’s series on using minimalism to leave your day job. In it he gives great inspirational and practical suggestions on how to get moving with a plan to prevent work for work’s sake. That’s when I remembered this work of art by Hugh MacLeod:

gaping void wallpaper

My procrastination prevention tool. Sometimes it works.

This is my current desktop. It is motivation for me to stop whining about my overly-busy life (mostly due to a J. O. B.) and break out of it. I am also positive that I can help people demand enjoyment out of life, but that won’t happen while I keep saying I’m not ready or I’m not good enough.

You don’t have to join the minimalist movement to enjoy life (though I’m trying). You don’t have, and maybe shouldn’t, quit your day job to enjoy life (though it sure sounds attractive). All that is required is cultivating an attitude that brings some kind of enjoyment to any life experience.

This may be hard to find at first, but a great example is my 2-year-old popping her head into the bedroom as I am writing this post. I could get annoyed because I have to eat lunch, shave, and get dressed before going to work – or I can just take the 30-second break to take in the joy that this beautiful young lady is so freely giving to me.

Always enjoying life is something that matters, and it’s not easy. That is why I’m here, and that is why I need to get off my butt  and explain how I try to enjoy every moment of my life without exceptions.

Thanks Hugh for the inspiration, and thanks to Tyler for helping me finally get to work.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

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