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Laugh at yourself.

I used to take myself so seriously when I was younger. I got so upset over every glass of spilled milk that I wound up not having as fun of a childhood as I could have. When I started laughing at half the stuff I was serious about, I became a much happier person. I started to understand that ‘enjoy’ was an action word.

Once I learned to laugh at my own mistakes, I was able to take others’ in stride. I don’t alienate my co-workers like I used to. I’m a better father. And I’m certainly a better husband when I don’t take our relationship so seriously. It’s true. There’s no danger of us ever splitting apart, so why focus on every little detail making our marriage “right”?

Of course, I would never have had these positive relationships if I hadn’t learned to laugh at myself. The next time you trip over your own two feet, make a joke about it, or turn it into some silly dance as you regain your footing. Make fun of yourself if you spill the coffee in the morning (I like to joke that it might taste better off the counter or floor). You will make mistakes in your life – there’s no sense dwelling on them.

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, so you might as well laugh at it.

A side note: In the past couple days, I’ve had more views on my blog than I ever had, but only one comment. While I am very grateful that so many have read what I have to say, I know that I have plenty of room to improve. You can help me give you a better reading experience if you leave me just a little feedback, so I know what to keep doing and what I can keep out. Id have hope that I’ve proved in this post that I have thick skin, and I am more than willing to hear what you have to say, of course as long as it is constructive and can help me serve you better. Thank you so much.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

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"Time to Go"

Image: Carlos Porto

I’ve been learning a lot when to pull the trigger on a project; when to go public.

It seems that every book and blog entry I read keeps saying the same thing over and over: The time to launch your idea is now. Not when you have done enough research, not when you perfect your website – NOW. But I kept reading. I kept exploring. I kept… acting like a big chicken.

It’s funny how coming up with a seemingly simple blog idea turned into something so complicated that I waited almost a year between posts. I thought my focus was too narrow, when in fact it was too broad. This is about how I Always Enjoy Life, no matter what.  Truly…


I had no idea how much material that covers! I am awake approximately eighteen hours each day, and I demand enjoyment out of every minute (of course I don’t literally enjoy it every minute, but we can talk about that later). That’s a lot to offer.

Here at Always Enjoy Life, you will hear how enjoyable my life can be through marriage, parenting, minimalism, finances, music, education, and if I’m lucky, there will be a post or two on disc golf. I’m sure that a lot of basic principles will emerge such as gratitude, positive thinking, and service to others (yes, actually serving others). I would love to give you a basic blueprint on how I enjoy every minute through all of this so that you can demand more enjoyment out of life as well, but unfortunately I cannot do so in one post. If I can offer one piece of advice right now, it is just to echo what I have been reading the past few months.

The time to launch your idea is now, not later. NOW.

A big thanks goes to Seth GodinLeo Babauta, and graduate school for inspiring me to start writing in the first place. However, another big thank you goes to Everett BogueTammy Strobel, and especially Hugh MacLeod for actually getting me off my butt to put my writing in front of you readers. Now that I have put myself out there for you – feedback is always appreciated.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

If you enjoyed reading this article, please pass it on to someone you think can benefit from its contents. You can also follow me on Twitter.