Never underestimate the power of a good haircut.

I was going to say to never underestimate the power of a bad haircut, but I try to stay in the positive as much as possible.  Not just in my attitude, but in my language as well.

But think about it, really.  How was your mood after a bad haircut?  Now, how was your mood after a good one?  For me, my mood used to be a lot stronger after a bad haircut than after a good one.  In other words, I was always more upset than I was satisfied.  The difference in someone that always enjoys life is that their emotions for positive events are stronger than emotions for negative events.  I would like to say that I’ve been a person that always enjoys life for a long time, but even when I became a real positive thinker, my haircuts were so bad for a while that I just became numb to them (I should have kept going to my hometown barber, but I was too lazy to come back from the city).

This all changed after I visited Frenchy’s Barber Shop in Millington, TN.  I’ve been in the U. S. Navy six years now, and the “barbers” on base were so bad that I had been getting my hair cut high & tight and short for a while.  Okay, okay, maybe they weren’t bad, they just didn’t cut it the way I wanted them to, but I still left the shop feeling like I wasted my money.  That all changed when I started getting my hair cut by Louann at Frenchy’s.  She would take the time to actually do a good job…. She actually cared about her performance.  How often do we see that anymore?

I finally got the guts to grow my hair a little, and Louanne has done an awesome job keeping it look good.  I can look like a Sailor instead of a Marine again!  Of course no offense to our U. S. Marines, but their haircuts look like crap on me.  I actually leave the barber with the feeling that man, I look good!

Sure, at first read, this post can seem silly.  But before you laugh, really think about your mood after visting the barber or stylist.  Good or bad, I’ll bet that your mood is altered after looking in the mirror, at least for the moment.  I’ll also venture that most of you will be talking about your haircut for a little while afterwards.  Of course, how you handle it is up to you, but how you look is up to the barber.  Hope your next haircut is an enjoyable experience, and don’t take it for granted.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

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