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It’s “lights out time” for the kids right now.

They’re giggling up a storm when they should be in bed.

Do I make them go to bed, lovingly making sure they get a good night’s sleep so they’re not cranky the next day?

I don’t freakin’ think so. Let them have some fun together.

I’ve been reading a lot of simplicity/minimalism blogs, such as Zen Habits, Becoming Minimalist, and I was just reading a great post about frugal hygiene from Rowdy Kittens.

Want some minimalism/simplicity advice? Listen to kids giggle (LOUDLY) past their bedtime. Life is wonderful.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook


I like this idea from Jo Jo Tabares’ Communication FUNdamentals blog on Art of Eloquence.  Every Monday, she asks a question and asks her readers to write a blog on it.  It’s a nice way to get people to read each others’ blog and as a bonus, gives me a topic!  Then again, this is a blog on how the little things make life worth living.  I don’t know who I would be without the following story.

This Monday’s question is:  What Is Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

My answer is probably pretty sappy and mushy, and it’s not even written by Dr. Suess.  There are a few books in the Dr. Seuss world that were written by other authors, and this book is Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman.  It’s the story about a baby bird that hatched while his mother was out getting food.  Since there was no one in the nest, he decides to venture out to find his mom, asking a dog, a chicken, and some other animals the recurring question, “Are you my mother?”  It’s not quite the storyline as The Cat In the Hat, but then again, neither is Green Eggs and Ham.

I just remember this book the most out of all the others.  My mom read it to me a lot, and I always liked the part right before the bird finds his mother.  Maybe it’s not exactly “Seuss-ish,” with all the rhyming, but I liked it just the same.  Call me a momma’s boy, I don’t care.  This is my favorite book anywhere (sooooo sorry for that…).

At least my kids are normal.  My 4-year-old is crazy for Green Eggs and Ham.  Let’s see what the 14-month-old goes for…

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

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