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Laugh at yourself.

I used to take myself so seriously when I was younger. I got so upset over every glass of spilled milk that I wound up not having as fun of a childhood as I could have. When I started laughing at half the stuff I was serious about, I became a much happier person. I started to understand that ‘enjoy’ was an action word.

Once I learned to laugh at my own mistakes, I was able to take others’ in stride. I don’t alienate my co-workers like I used to. I’m a better father. And I’m certainly a better husband when I don’t take our relationship so seriously. It’s true. There’s no danger of us ever splitting apart, so why focus on every little detail making our marriage “right”?

Of course, I would never have had these positive relationships if I hadn’t learned to laugh at myself. The next time you trip over your own two feet, make a joke about it, or turn it into some silly dance as you regain your footing. Make fun of yourself if you spill the coffee in the morning (I like to joke that it might taste better off the counter or floor). You will make mistakes in your life – there’s no sense dwelling on them.

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, so you might as well laugh at it.

A side note: In the past couple days, I’ve had more views on my blog than I ever had, but only one comment. While I am very grateful that so many have read what I have to say, I know that I have plenty of room to improve. You can help me give you a better reading experience if you leave me just a little feedback, so I know what to keep doing and what I can keep out. Id have hope that I’ve proved in this post that I have thick skin, and I am more than willing to hear what you have to say, of course as long as it is constructive and can help me serve you better. Thank you so much.

Always Enjoy Life,
Zach Ellerbrook

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In order to truly enjoy life, we need to master the skill of gratitude.

Every single time I have found something to complain about, I have always found something to be grateful for within the same situation.  Sometimes I discover how I can be grateful right away, I calm down, and life is good once more.  Other times, I feel like crap because something isn’t going my way, and then I feel worse when I find that there was something to be grateful for, long after the moment had passed, and I blew the opportunity – but for some reason I still feel a little better after I find gratitude in the situation.

Gratitude is an awesome tool.  When I’m feeling negative, it makes me positive.  When I’m positive, it makes me more positive, and snowballs into a wonderful state of happiness.

There is something to be grateful for in every situation in your life.  Trust me on this.  If you are in a place that is negative, or even depressing, try it.  Try to find how to be grateful for your position, or even something to be grateful for within the position you are in, and you will see it in a new light.  It could just be one of many steps to lighting up your entire world.

Always Enjoy Life,

Zach Ellerbrook